Pantry Open

We are open 11:30am to 1:30PM

In light of the Covid-19 Virus Shepherd’s Cove Food Pantry will be

  1. Not opening the doors till 11:30am to 1:30pm.  (will be using the door with the ramp).
  2. Use hand sanitizer when entering.
  3. Only 2 clients (only 1 per family) inside the building at a time.
  4. Boxes will be premade.
  5. Proxy sheets will be available Monday’s prior to  the Wednesday we are open from 9am-12pm at the door with a ramp, so it can be filled out and signed for food pick up on Wednesday. Only one proxy sheet will be allowed per family unit.
  6. If you have a fever, sore throat, cough, any sign of sickness or are at risk for any reason we ask you do not come.

Please know we are doing everything to keep everyone safe. Please have id out and readu when it is your turn. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. There will be no volunteers to help take box to vechile.

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